Tell Tale Signs That Reveal When You Are Depressed


Depression is an illness. I have found some tell tale sign for you to watch out for.

It can be triggered by many circumstances, such as stress or rejection from a loved one, even a death.
It is a condition not to be taken lightly because many people kill themselves at this low point in their lives. The best thing one can do is to find the signs and take an interest in that person. Give them love, show them they are valued, most of all get some help for them. Try not to jump to medication as this could just get worse with time.

Essentially, when a person is in a state of depression they feel like they cannot find their place in this life, they don’t fit in. They are tormented with negative thoughts about themselves, at this point nothing matters to them. They have a strong urge to hide themselves from the whole world, this is dangerous because somebody loves them and they just don’t know it or they cannot see it.


I can write endlessly about this topic because i have had ex-stream depression, and i’m so grateful to be alive today. In my case i was rejected by my Father at 2 years old. He was my hero, but he didn’t have time for me. This reflects in every aspect of my life today, as if it’s a curse. Every man rejects me but i understand that this could be in my mind, because that’s how i have been conditioned to think.

I wise man said this to me,”…in the universe, nothing is good or bad, it just is.” Thanks Ross

We torment ourselves trying to live a sinless life, yet we sin anyway. So why are so many of us depressed?

This video i created is to identify the signs of depression in collaboration with our Horoscope Signs. Hopefully it is useful for many of you, and not just a few of us.

In my next post i will be discussing how we respond to a death of a loved one.

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