Lonely Lady To Pay $3K EVERY DAY Unless She Fixes House. Days Later, Couple Caught Doing UNTHINKABLE Outside Her Home.

…couple wasted no time in…


#1 Fined

Anne Glancey from Hamilton Township, New Jersey, lives here on her own. She’s a retired teacher, and for some time has been overwhelmed with maintaining her cherished property, which was deteriorating before her eyes. She had three violations, and she received a letter that said she would be fined $ 1000 for every day the violations went unresolved.



#2 Adam And Kristin

Adam and Kristin Polhemus moved in next to Anne five years ago. They offered to help her several times, but she had said that she would manage. “Until my wife and I moved in, no neighbors had a conversation with her,” said Adam. “She had no relations with anyone in the neighborhood.”



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