Drake Pays Surprise Birthday Visit To 11 Year Old Heart Transplant Patient Who Did Kiki Challenge

Sofia posted a video asking Drake if he would make one of her birthday wishes come true: she really wanted to meet him. The superstar delivered, going so far as to postpone a concert to see her! But one thing he couldn’t give her was her other wish — a new heart.


The 11-year-old has cardiomyopathy, a disease that causes heart failure in Sofia’s case. Earlier in the summer, the little girl’s liver was failing so she underwent numerous treatments, surgeries, and tests, while also waiting for a heart to become available for transplant.

On Sunday, August 26, a new video was posted online. In it, her mom Natalie asked Sofia to repeat her birthday wishes. Sofia smiled as she explained that she had two wishes and that one had come true and the other one hadn’t, but she remained positive.


It was then that Sofia learned that her other birthday wish had finally been granted!

She was, in fact, getting a new heart. The look of shock that came over her face is something that words can’t describe. As if her beautiful surprised face isn’t enough, she melted every parent’s heart when she looked at the camera and said, “I’m getting a heart, Mom?!” as she started to cry and ran up to hug Natalie.


According to Sofia’s cardiovascular surgeon, “The surgery went extremely well.” The next few days will be important for her recovery, but Dr. Carl Backer said, “the heart seemed happy in its new home.”


Sofia will need to stay in the hospital for six to eight weeks, but the family’s hope is to have their little girl home for Thanksgiving.

The internet has already poured so much love onto Sofia’s family, donating more than $47,000 to their GoFundMe page. Since the video was posted, the love has only continued.


We are so happy Sofia’s birthday wishes have both come true, and now we hope that her parents’ wish of having their baby home for Thanksgiving dinner is next.

Watch Sofia’s reaction to the wonderful news below, then share the good news with your friends!

Sofia finds out she's getting a new heart

WONDERFUL NEWS! 11-year-old Sofia, who met rapper Drake last week while he was in Chicago, has now gotten even better news. She's getting a new heart! This is the moment she found out. ❤️ birthday-wish-a-new-heart (Video courtesy: Natalie Sanchez) http://bit.ly/2NrxxR8

Gepostet von Fox 11 Los Angeles am Montag, 27. August 2018

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